Principle of SHR


Mastering the Economic Trends in Real Estate
Position: Authorized Licensee


When it comes to investment tools, experts unanimously agree that real estate is generally a safer and more robust investment than stocks, gold or FOREX. Investors can make informed buying decisions even with little background knowledge.


This has deeply drawn the attention of Wan Kok Wai. Wan has chosen to pursue a Degree in Property Management during his tertiary education. He has studied the management theories and methods of various types of real estates, such as lands, houses, and commercial buildings and other types of real estates. He is well equipped with the commercial knowledge of various properties and lands, such as land valuation and trading, urban planning, etc., conduct effective management of the real estates and reasonable valuation, and he has fully grasped and mastered the relevant laws and regulations on the Sales and Management of Real Estates.


After obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Property Management from the University of Technology, coupled with over ten years career experience as an Real Estate Adjuster, Mr. Wan is very well-versed and familiar with the trends of domestic social and economic activities related to the real estate market. He is an expert when it comes to matters related to land leasing, real estate Sales and Purchase, leasing, mortgages, insurance, taxation, auctions, and many other corporate economic activities which are closely related to his professional profession.




With his good business acumen and by leveraging on the economic trend of real estate, Wan began to venture into the real estate industry four years ago. Wan has a real estate brokerage license, and backed with many favorable advantages, he was able to establish a fruitful partnership with SHR Properties. Looking up to the enthusiasm and sense of mission of both KK Lim and Sharon Sor, the founders of SHR Properties in the real estate business, whom have lead the elite team of SHR Properties meticulously with unfailing service spirit, SHR Properties was able to propel and advance with centripetal force and concerted efforts towards achieving goals.


Wan strongly believes that SHR Properties will continue to provide high standards with high-quality and efficient services to achieve win-win situation for the mutual benefits of both the company and safeguarding the rights of customers.


By establishing a real-estate brokerage company with a reputable image and branding, and by providing a continuously improving, self-disciplined team aiming to provide high-quality services to customers, the company is expected to bring more positive contributions to the society.