Our Founder


Sharoan Sor

Sharoan Sor is a dedicated person who isn’t afraid of change. Starting her career as an Accountant Executive, she felt disinterested with a daily life of crunching numbers within the walls of her cubicle. Despite her disenfranchisement, she was still often applauded for her work performance, and her loyalty kept her at her station for a long time. However, the gap between her life’s needs and her income was too large to ignore, and when an international firm showed interest in employing her, she finally took a big leap of faith after serious consideration.


Sharoan went to the unfamiliar region of Jakarta to start her new life. She proceeded to lead a team which consisted of employees of different cultures and background in expanding the Indonesian market. Faced with a new realm of possibilities, along with many challenges in work and life, she resolved them one by one with a strong and resolute attitude. After two years of training and broadening her horizons, her ultimate goal became to realize her dream of starting her own enterprise!


Upon returning to Malaysia, she got exposed to the business of real estate: a way to entrepreneurship that didn’t require pre-existing capital. She remembered she was asked three questions during her first interview: Can you treat your job as if you were working for yourself? Can you take only one day’s leave per week? Secondly, can you survive without six month’s pay? Thirdly, can you accept restarting your learning curve and train again from the bottom-up? With those thoughts in mind she entered the field of real estate without further hesitation and kick-started her transition into her new life.


She held down her pride as a once highly-paid professional, and went in front of shophouses to distribute flyers in her high heels. Three months later, she clinched her fist deal!


To Sharoan Sor, there is neither a shortcut nor secret to success. One must be willing to work hard, and one must be worthy of the trust of others. She believes that everything starts from good self-management, in terms of time, discipline, and moral values, among others. Only a leader that knows adequate self-management can be trusted to lead a team to excellence.


Sharoan believes that an enterprise measures its success not in terms of how much wealth it garners, but rather the spiritual satisfaction that it inspires, how it is able to create physical and spiritual sources of hapiness for oneself, ones’ family, and others. She is now striding towards her goal at full focus; nothing will stop her from being a happy and successful entrepreneur!