Our Founder



KK Lim used to be an engineer in UK. Not satisfied with working for others his entire life, KK Lim started looking for opportunities in various fields, including direct sales and insurance. Finally he was exposed to real estate when selling his own house, which opened his eyes to the endless opportunities within this industry.


Although he was a foreign student with high qualifications, KK Lim was more than willing to learn the ropes from the bottom-up, and managed to grasp the fundamentals of real estate sales within 2 months. Within this period of no income and living purely on his savings, he never once though of giving up. He focused all his efforts into his venture, as he firmly believed that “success comes from wherever the heart is”.


While living in relative poverty due to delayed income, KK Lim persevered and finally carved an impressive career for himself after only six months. A year later, he was awarded Sales Champion in Singapore/Malaysia for two consecutive years in a well-known company, and under his leadership the team once had a record sales figure of 10 million within a week!


All of these strengthened KK Urn’s conviction in the potential of real estate in changing ones’ life. He believed that with dedication, hard work, passion, and a positive attitude, there was no deal too hard to clinch, as long as you are willing to strive and sacrifice for your dream.


With his years of experience, KK Lim now shoulders the dreams and vision not only of himself but of his entire team: to create a dream-fulfilling platform, a homeland of hapiness, and a trusted and respectable brand.