Wira Heights Semi-Detached @ Bandar Sungai Long

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Refreshed by the surrounding landscapes – At Wira Heights, billowing hills and fertile valleys invite you to embrace a refreshing lifestyle. This everlasting spring scene is one of the many state’s charming features which have won the hearts of many residents today. Living at Wira Heights is a life changing experience, the defining moment is when you feel right at home, right away.


A Modern Living – Wira Heights Semi-Detached is a mixed residential enclave comprising Semi-Detached homes and bungalows within a gated and guarded community situated in Bandar Sungai Long. Quite a number of amenities can be found nearby, such as educational institution (UTAR, SMK BB Sungai Long, SK Bukit Raya, SMK Dusun Nanding and SK Dusun Nanding.


Ease of Access – Wira Heights is connected via Jalan Sungai Long, SILK Highway and Cheras-Kajang Highway.