THE INFINITY LIFESTYLE – The Manor is a FREEHOLD Residence, located in KLCC. Surrender to the insatiable lifestyle with endless betterments and boundless fulfilments, reserved only for the privileged few.


AT THE CITY’S PULSE AND VIBRANCY – Discover a locale, thriving and alive, where all you need is at your feet. Never feel removed from the pleasures of life when your home sits only minutes away from all you desire.


STYLE FUSED WITH IMMEASURABLE PRESTIGE – Set yourself apart from the norm, as sleek styling seeps, through the very ambience that encompasses this development.


THE LAVISH INDULGENCE OF ALORIE EXPERIENCE – Indulge in the ultimate comfort, delight and an overall valuable experience with Alorie and its total of more than 100 years of hands-on experience in hospitality management.


A LUXURIANT ENCLAVE AMONG THE ELITE – An opulent welcome combined with sophisticated comforts, find yourself nestled in the midst of a congregation of embassies.