About Us

SHR Properties is a real estate company which offers comprehensive services including real estate property investment, development, sales, marketing, operations, and management. Our projects include condominiums, shophouses, offices, shopping malls, factories, and other sales and leases

The company has always held the mantra of”creating wealth and happiness through mutually-beneficial coorperation”, and under the guidance of our mantra we establish strategic partnerships with domestic brands to promote mutual aid, cooperation, mutual benefits and a constant pursuit of a higher degree of excellence. We treat the development of high quality property as our corporate responsibility.

At SHR, we create quality urban projects based on a customer-oriented mode of management for a better living and working environment, leading towards a higher quality lifestyle of international standards.

In addition to property sales, we also provide professional expertise and resources, and along with asset management, risk analysis and other services, we aim to maximize the value and performance of our real estate investments.

The company looks for highly professional, self-disciplined members to join our team. Excellent partners provide our customers with quality products and services, as well as providing our staff with a platform to exhibit their talents. We constantly strive to improve our working environment and governance structure through innovative enhancement of our source and cor a happy life.

This is the promise and aim of SHR, to work hand-in-hand with our customers to build a better and happier life! e competitiveness, while we build homes to fulfill people’s dreams of a happy life. This is the promise and aim of SHR, to work hand-in-hand with our customers to build a better and happier life !

Our Vision

To become the standard-bearer of the local property sector, and with creditable branding nationwide.

Our Mission

We Carefully Handpick Your Warm & Happy Dream House.

Our Goal

At SHR we pursue our goals under the “One Team, One Mentality” motto.

Our Core Values

Support one another’s growth for team success.

Build brand honours with harmonious atmosphere

Respect the client, the team, the leader and individual.

Why Choose Us


Based on the specialties of our current products, we provide sales tailor-fit to the needs of our clientele, while researching market demands to update our developers with the latest news and provide up-to-date support with relevant packages and services.


We provide a comprehensive end-to-end service that constantly updates itself to keep us in touch with recent developments.


We build-up strong communication networks based on a goal of mutual benefits.


We have an excellent track record to provide better assurance.


Our professional expertise in sales and project management allows us to formulate strategic plans and pathways for further development, marketing programs, regional development and other services to promote the creation of support tools and various promotional channels for sales growth.


We value our word, we fulfill our promises.