How to Find a Suitable Landlord

“A good landlord is as important as the right property”. As a tenant, you would want to be looking for a suitable landlord as you will be dealing with him or her for an extended period. A good landlord means a much smoother experience in renting a property. All tenants would hope for a good and suitable landlord, whether they are dealing with the landlord on their own or through a property agent.

Here are some tips to get to started:

  • Sooner or later, you would have to deal with your landlord, whether it is paying rents or reporting some issues of the property. Therefore choose your landlord wisely.
  • Like choosing the right property, make sure you have already met the landlord before agreeing to rent the property.
  • Get to know the landlord and be sure that you could build a good relationship with them.
  • Look out for some signs on whether or not the landlord is trying to scam and deceive you by observing the way that they present themselves.



Here are some of the qualities that make up a suitable landlord:

  1. Punctual

Punctuality is often a sign whether one is organised and a professional. It is a great sign for you to trust your landlord if he or she is often punctual for your property viewing appointments. However, if your landlord is late for your first appointment, with no valid reason, without informing you, or without an apology of being late, you should take note as it might be a red flag and it shows who they truly are. You may want to consider dealing with this person. If your landlord is genuinely interested in the deal with you, he or she will make sure that the first impression counts. Yet of course, if he or she has a valid reason to be late, you could still consider whether this person is reliable or not.



  1. Good Communicator

As a good communicator, the landlord has to be responsive and contactable. A responsive landlord normally replies to his or her tenants within 24 hours and is always contactable during working hours. He or she is also easy to deal with, and will be fast to answer questions and be quick to act. This shows that the landlord is also a responsible one. Imagine if you have an emergency, or something not urgent but there is a high need for it to be settled, such as water issues, you would want your landlord to be contactable and responsible, not someone who would delay the service and has to be contacted like 8 or 9 times to reach him or her. Having a responsive and contactable landlord would save you a lot of troubles and your renting experience will be a pleasant and smooth-sailing one.



  1. Flexible

Of course, if you were to rent a property, you would have to pay your rent on time every month, because renting is also like a business agreement to begin with. Yet during tough times, such as the Covid-10 pandemic, or if you have lost your job, even though you cannot expect your landlord to waive you a month’s rental or pay late almost every time, it would be nice if the landlord could understand and have empathy in your hardships. A little bit of flexibility during necessary times in unexpected situations would be one of the traits of a suitable landlord, and will definitely make your renting experience and life so much easier. Get to know your landlord and see whether or not he or she is flexible. If his or her answers to your scenario-based questions are usually “yes” or “no”, perhaps he or she is not a flexible person and may be hard to deal with. On the other hand, if he or she is a flexible person, he or she will tell you how to work things out with you.


  1. Hospitable

Get to know your landlord and see whether or not he or she is a friendly, easy going and hospitable person. A hospitable person would offer help and make you feel welcomed. You should feel comfortable around him or her, like a friend. For instance, a hospitable landlord would attend all your property viewing appointments and walk you through with all your questions, and would give you the best service that they could offer. He or she would stay with you throughout your property viewing sessions, not leave you! As this could be a start of a long relationship, you may want to see whether or not this landlord is helpful.



  1. Provide great customer service

Do you feel like you are treated right? Do you feel like your landlord is giving you good service? These are some questions to ask yourself when looking for a suitable landlord. Since renting is also a business agreement, it is a form of business and a good landlord will provide you with the best service. Everyone would want to keep their clients happy, and receive profits or sales from a business.



Hopefully by looking out for these five qualities you will be able to look for a suitable and a good landlord!