13 Moving Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever


So you found a new forever home! But before you get all excited about it, have you thought about the moving process? Do you want to know the ways to pack fast and efficiently? Here are some of the most useful moving tips we have gathered so far.

Make a checklist. First things first, draft and write down everything and categories your possessions. For example, your skin care products can go with your toiletries. Big and heavy utensils like your pans and pots can be placed together with salt, pepper and etc so that when you unpack everything, it will be much easier and less confusing for you. You do not have to go through boxes just to find items that you want to find.

Get rid of unwanted stuff. Before you start placing your possessions into boxes and bags, do a merciless purge of unwanted and unused items. This way you will have less to pack, and when you pack less, it means you will have less things to move, and less to unpack. It will be a win-win situation for you because now you can start your new life in your new home with a cleaner and neater environment!

Selling your stuff. You probably have some items that you no longer want, but you would like to give them a new home by selling them to get a little money out of them. You can sell furniture and clothes that are still in a good condition on your social media page or on Carousell. Or you can just donate all of them to charity.


Start packing in advance. This is what asian moms normally will do – they pack everything in advance, and in this case, packing in advance will be one of the best moves for you! Start by packing your belongings you are not using daily. We are sure that you will have clothes that you kept in one corner of your closet but are still too new to give away or donate to charity and you are still convincing yourself that you will wear them one day (we know). Start packing them and when it is time to pack everything up, most of your possessions will be ready to go. By doing this you will not have to worry about not getting everything packed on time.

Label your boxesBy labelling your boxes, your unpacking process will be much easier. Here is a tip for you, when you label your boxes, label the sides of the boxes and not the tops. By doing so, you will be able to find them even when they are stacked.


Put small items into pots. Not only will you save a ton of space when you put smaller items like spices utensils into pots, you can also lessen the risk of breaking them. You will just need to label them as fragile on your box.


Wrap fragile items with bubble wraps or blankets. Speaking of fragile items, there are some things that cannot be avoided, like your glasswares (plates, cups, tea pots etc). Go to Daiso or MR.DIY to get yourself a huge roll of bubble wraps and wrap them away! Or if you have extra blankets, you can also use them to protect your fragile items as well.


Take photos of everythingTake photos of your items in those boxes before you seal them, by doing this you will be able to identify clearer what is in each box. Also, snap a picture of the back of your tv, router and monitor, so that when it is time to assemble, you will not go running around scratching your head.

Schedule your utility provider at least a week before you officially move in. Once your moving date is finalised, contact your utility providers to set a date to service your new home. The worst thing that could happen is when you are exhausted after a long day of moving, all you want to do is to take a long hot bath, or turn on the air conditioner, only to find out that your heater and electricity is not working.

Defrost your refrigerator at least a day before moving. Place frozen and opened food packages into ice boxes and defrost your refrigerator. Clean your fridge and wipe off any liquid. You do not want to have to clean up the mess when the movers are moving your refrigerator in.

Ask for help early. If you are depending on your friends and family to help with your move, give them at least a month’s notice, so that they could arrange their time and slot your moving day into their calendars. Also if you are hiring a part-time baby or pet sitter, or asking a friend to look after your kids and furbabies, do remind them earlier as well.

Pack an overnight bag. You probably won’t be able to unpack everything on the first day of moving in. So pack your basic necessities like a change of clothes, toiletries, your phone charger and buy a few bottles of water just in case you do not have time to boil.

Get enough rest and sleep a day before moving. If you are moving in 2 days, by now you should have all your things packed. Just remember to get a good rest and sleep because it is going to be a long day on the day of your moving.