Living in A Developed City vs A Developing Area

A developed city or a developing area – not sure which is a better choice to live in? Here are some advantages of living in a developed city and also a developing area.

Advantages of Living in A Developed City


Better professional and education opportunities

It may be an essential thing for career-minded people to live in a city, as there are numerous job opportunities available in the urban area. Also, most leading businesses and headquarters are usually located in big cities, and thus leading job positions are only available there as well. Although it may be more competitive, the chances of landing a good job is definitely much higher compared to a developing area or a suburb.


Not only that, there will be better education opportunities. Outstanding learning institutions are mostly found in developed cities, hence there will be more choices of places of study as well as courses of study. Besides, not only your children could learn from their courses of study, they will be exposed to diverse cultures as they will be meeting new people around the city and indirectly, they learn more soft skills for life.


On the other hand, for suburbs or developing areas, most people have to travel long distances to go to work, and clearly there will not be many choices and opportunities for careers and studies. Hence, many people opt to move to the city because of this.

Access to a large variety of amenities

Living in a city brings you easy access to a variety of amenities, facilities and services. Thus, things would be more convenient both at home and outside of home. These amenities and services are also nearby, with a variety of choices such as shops, eateries, shopping malls, gyms, hospitals and other amenities and services, some even are operating 24 hours. Furthermore, you could also have access to the fastest internet connection and also the best network coverage.


Whereas for those who live in developing areas, there may not be that many variety of amenities and services available, and usually people living there would have to travel far to get some services or to access some amenities.



Better & Reliable Public Transportation

Due to a large population in the city, transportation becomes a necessity for the people living there. Hence more reliable and efficient infrastructures will be built around the city for better connection. Moreover, people living there could opt to travel by public transport as they know there will be regular trains and buses, or walking distance to get to their desired location. Perhaps there will not be a need to purchase a car as well!


Whereas for suburbs or developing areas, driving may be long distance to get to one place or another. Also, there is poorer connectivity in terms of public transport in suburbs or developing areas.


Advantages of Living in A Developing Area


Slower pace and better quality of life

Life is definitely at a slower pace if you are living in the suburbs or a developing area. You get to enjoy life at your own pace, spend some quality time with your loved ones, and definitely live with less stress and achieve better well being living in a developing area or a suburb. You will also get a cleaner and much more peaceful environment living in the city.


If you have been to a city, you would know what it feels like to find parking for your car, and also the high parking fee that you need to pay! Living in the suburbs or developing areas will save you from these irritating inconveniences. Not to mention, as competitions are everywhere in the city and there will be much more pollution and noises there, people living in the city tend to experience more stress and more negative emotions.

More privacy and bigger space

Unlike living in the city with cramped apartment spaces and terrace houses, living in suburbs and developing areas can give you more privacy and bigger space for living. You could have your children playing at your spacious front yard or back yard, or around the neighbourhood, and it is also safer as crime rates are lesser in the suburbs. In addition, you could get a bigger space for your home for less money.


On the other hand, there may not be enough privacy living in the city. Think about wanting to blast the music and sing along in the shower, people next door could easily hear you! Also, residential areas are not spaced out further enough and may be small if you have a big family.


Closer to nature

As there will be more unoccupied lands and spaces, there will be more greenery in the suburbs. With more trees, greenery, parks, here is definitely a closer connection with nature living in the suburbs. Unlike the cities, there will be buildings everywhere, not to mention sound pollution such as sirens and vehicle noises, where you could have less peace.