Should You Buy A House During The Pandemic?


We will be answering all your questions in this article – should you buy a house during this pandemic? Whether or not it is a good choice to buy a house now depends on your personal situation. If your company has deducted your salary due to this pandemic and you do not have any other source of income, it may not be the best decision to purchase a house this moment. On the other hand if you have a stable income and it is not affected during this pandemic, you might be able to go on with your plan. Here we have recommendations for you on how to adapt to the current changes now. 


Negotiating Terms & Working With The Right Real Estate Agent



It is understandable that businesses in all industries are having a bit of a hard time sustaining their businesses, no doubt that the property market is also beginning to experience some price changes. If you are not attached to a particular home and are willing to consider various options, you may be able to negotiate with sellers or real estate agents for more terms that are in your favor, for example – a longer bond for your house. On the contrary, you may feel discouraged as more and more houses are being withdrawn and canceled from the market. However, it does not mean the seller or the real estate agent is not planning to sell their property. Since the public does not have the first hand information regarding the changes in property, it is more important than ever in working with an experienced real estate agent now. 


Opt For Virtual Tours


As the current Movement Control Order (MCO) is still ongoing, many companies are forced to shut down and employees are asked to work from home. Same goes to real estate companies. They have canceled open houses and tours to help fight the pandemic. However kudos to their actions, some of the real estate agents are currently doing virtual tours on houses! They will have agents in live videos explaining to you and you can also ask questions on the spot by asking them to bring you around the house, while you are at home.  As an aspiring home buyer, you do not have to just rely on online pictures anymore (thank god). Some companies even have access to technologies that produce a 3D model where you can walk through the home like video games. 

Choose a Real Estate Agent Who is Attentive to the Covid-19


We recommend choosing a real estate agent who is willing to give their all to help you in choosing a home during this pandemic. Look for real estate agents that recommend you to do everything digitally, from touring a place to closing on your new home. This will definitely help to make the process of buying your home as planned. Let SHR Properties help you. We will guide you from housing loans and government initiatives available during this period to providing you professional advice on your current plan vs the ideal plan for you. 



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